TVZion vs. Mobdro

People love the rise of an era of online streaming. All the movies, TV shows you want are available at your palm without any need of going to the theatre and pay high money for that. Everybody loves to watch movies sitting at their home without paying any penny for it.

To pounce on this great opportunity and to fulfill the needs of entertainment buffs, developers have created apps that will stream content on your mobile and other devices by fetching the best links from all over the internet.

For this, two names are making a fan base of their own for providing entertainment consumers with top quality content; TVZion and Mobdro. These two apps are considered as the best in the streaming industry by users all over the world.

A comparison is destined to happen between these two big players of the game and the results are beneficial to all users with varied streaming needs.

Here, we have tried to compare these two apps on the basis of-

Channel List

TVZion is known as the one place to stream all your content as it has lots of channels available for users. You will be tired of watching these channels but TVZion will not get tired of providing you with an unlimited dosage of entertainment through various sports, movies, entertainment, and music channels.

In terms of channels offered, nobody can come close to Mobdro. This app has one of the largest rosters of channels available for users. From more than 20+ news channels, 22+ sports channels to 25+ music channels; Mobdro will offer you a total 5000+ channels to kill your boredom. The humongous list of channels with top-notch quality makes Mobdro a must-have app on your devices.

Server Issues

Nothing is perfect in this world and similarly, the TVZion app too has some server issues. But the developer’s team makes sure that these issues are solved as soon as possible. Some issues confirmed in TVZion app are-

  • Fail to initialize when searching for a link
  • Force closing of the app
  • Server not found
  • Link is not accessible

Similarly, Mobdro has faced some criticism from the users due to various errors occurring on the screen and in the app. Some of these errors are-

  • You can’t stream this content right now
  • Slow loading and downloading
  • Suddenly live stream going offline


If you have a good internet connection, then both TVZion and Mobdro are capable of doing their work without any issues and flux. They both are known for their stable and secure performance and once you use them, you will surely feel the same.


Both the apps enjoy much fanfare from the users, but in terms of community, Mobdro has a loyal fan base that swears by the quality and content offered by it. TVZion is making its name in the entertainment community and will take its rightful place in the future.


Both of these apps are great and a boon for users who love to watch content online. But in terms of quality and content offered; Mobdro wins the race without any doubt.