Mobdro vs CinemaBox

The entertainment hunger of this generation is far more than any other. And they prefer to get their dose of entertainment on the phone than in theatres or on their TV screens. To satisfy this hunger, developers introduced online streaming services for movies and TV shows.

Many paid services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and many more are booming with users. But the downside of these services is the high fees they take from the subscribers. Not everyone can afford these prices to watch their content.

To target these types of audiences, some developers introduced free-of-cost online streaming services. Many free apps are designed, developed, and launched in the market for users.

The free market is booming with these inventions and users are more than happy using these apps. But there are so many of them on the internet that some of them are a waste of time and data packs.

After testing some of the best streaming apps, two apps stood out from others. Mobdro and CinemaBox passed all the tests with flying colors and are exceptional while streaming movies and TV shows online.

Mobdro vs CinemaBox

Here, the comparison will be done for the users to choose any one of them.


It is an application to watch TV channels over the internet totally free of charge and without any ads. In this app, you will find all sorts of contents sorted by categories: TV channels, news, sports, movies, shows, and series.

It offers some of the best features in this genre.


  • It not only allows you to stream content for free but also gives you access to more than 100 TV channels due to this you will never feel bored.
  • This is the only app that allows you to share any content with just one click. You can share the link to your favorite movie or TV shows.
  • It is a Cross-platform app which means that it can run on Android, PC or even the Mac. It is compatible with any device and operating system.
  • You will see very fewer ads in this streaming app but if you don’t want any ads then just buy premium Mobdro and enjoy an ad-free version of the app.
  • Just like YouTube, this app also gives you an option to download your content in offline mode and watch it whenever you want without any hassle.
  • Don’t get lost in all the contents, this app offers just bookmark your favorite movie and watch it without facing the struggle of searching the ocean of movies.


If you enjoy watching a movie but don’t like paying the high prices associated with movie theatres or the hassle of renting a movie from the show box, then you will surely like this app.


  • Subtitles are available in numerous languages in this app. You can choose your language and select the subtitles and enjoy the movie anytime.
  • You can search for specific genre movies like action, comedy, drama, suspense and many more.
  • You can save your favorite movie and TV shows in this app and watch them anytime and anywhere without buffering issues.
  • The video quality is also great and it offers movies and TV shows up to 1080p resolution.
  • The app is updated every now and then, so you can find all the latest movies there.
  • User-friendly interface and movies-on-request are some of the great features of this awesome app.

But there is a catch, the app gets slow for longer movies and TV shows. While watching long movies, the app lags a lot and gets very annoying.

To Conclude

Both the apps are great, user-friendly and get updated from time to time for the better and newly released movie. But, when it comes to 100% performance, Mobdro wins the battle by a small margin.

Choose wisely and enhance your online streaming experience with these apps!