TVTap vs. Mobdro

In recent times, people spend lots of time on their mobile and they love to use mobile for various reasons, where watching movies and TV shows are one of them. Nowadays people are opting to watch the latest released movies from home rather than going to theatres.

To satisfy this hunger of customers and to provide them with top-notch content, developers have introduced various entertainment apps, especially for online streaming content.

Among them, two apps stand quite high on the mountain of the streaming world; TVTap and Mobdro. Both of these apps are considered as the best in this industry in terms of service provided and the quality of the content.

Here, we have compared these two apps for you to know which app is best equipped for your requirements.

Channel List

If you are looking for an app that is specially designed for watching channels from all over the world, then you have hit the jackpot with TVTap. There are more than 500+ channels from all over the globe available for you to watch. Think of a country, search it on TVTap and you will get that country’s channels without wasting any time.

There are more than 9 different categories like movies, music, sports, news, entertainment, kids, and even documentaries are also available in this app. Just download this app and get access to the ocean of channels.

When you are talking about the list of channels, Mobdro is so far a compare to TVTap, because Mobdro offers 1000+ channels. Various genres like movies, music, sports, news, and many more are being offered by Mobdro. You can never get bored with Mobdro as it has so many channels for you to watch and kill your time.

Server Issues

There are some issues faced by users while using the TVTap app, like server error and captcha code not working, app error, no internet error, and others. These errors are dealt with recent updates.

While using Mobdro, users have complained about errors like the server not working, very slow loading of content, suddenly the live stream went offline, and others. The developers have worked hard and tried to solve these problems with every update and making it as error-free as possible.


If you have a stable internet and required hardware in your PC/Mac, then you will be more than able to run both the apps without any discomfort or lagging. Both apps are more than capable of working effortlessly with a good system around it.


Both apps are well known in their respected way. But, the users opt for Mobdro as compared to TVTap because of its sheer content quality and humongous library of movies and TV series with TV channels included.


Both the apps are great if you want just entertainment. But, if you want to watch the latest movies and TV shows, then you should opt for Mobdro without any doubt!