Mobdro for Android

If you love watching Movies, Videos or even TV shows or Sports online, Mobdro is for you. Mobdro is an Android Application which brings all live streaming happening across globe to your Android device.

Mobdro for Android

Now, there are already many applications which do the same thing, that is live streaming on demand. However, Mobdro sets itself different from all those similar kind of application, just because of a reason that Mobdro do not have or even build its own repository of content. Mobdro works on crawling algo, which scrapes the web for all available live streaming happening across globe and present them in the form of channels, which is again beautifully categorized based on genre.

So, if you are a person who loves hopping on such application for fulfilling your on demand live streaming needs, Mobdro is for you.

How to get Mobdro on your Android Device

As Mobdro is officially built for just Android devices, it can easily be downloaded on any Android devices. However, there are certain minimum requirements which is more than needed to run Mobdro smoothly on your Android device.


  • Mobdro is built for Android 4.1 or up version environment. Make sure your Android device is running Android 4.1 or higher version
  • Mobdro requires 1GB of RAM to run smoothly, as it is a graphics intense application because of live streaming
  • Your Android device must have 500MB of storage space available for installing Mobdro

Download Process

Mobdro is not officially available on Google Play Store. Now this doesn’t mean that this is not a genuine application. With over a million download and trusted reviews, Mobdro is clean and fully trusted live streaming application.

Google does not easily allow application in live streaming niche because of illegal content. However, in case of Mobdro, all the content are scrapped from web, which are available to view based on country and demographics.

For downloading Mobdro, we have provided direct download link (Tested and thoroughly checked) below. You can go ahead to download the same.


The application you are download from here is Mobdro Ver 2.1.20, which is the latest version with an update on 12th December 2018.

Note:- If you are viewing this content from your Windows or Mac based PC/laptop system, just download the APK and copy that APK to your Android device for further installation process.

Installing Mobdro on Android Device

If you are all set with pre-requisite listed above for installing Mobdro on your Android device, go ahead and follow the procedure listed below to get it up and running.

  • Download Mobdro from download button listed above
  • Once download, you need to make certain changes in your Android setting for allowing it to be installed, as it is not directly coming from Google Play Store. For this, go to your Android Settings, then navigate to Security, and scroll down to check Unknown Sources to enable it.
  • Again go back to downloaded APK, and tap on it to get Installation screen. Click on Install when promoted
  • Voila! That’s it … now go to your Android HomeScreen and tap on Mobdro Icon to launch the app.

Note: If you are getting Parse Error while installing the Mobdro app on your Android device, this is because you your Android device is not running on 4.1 or higher version. Please make sure that your Android device is running on Android 4.1 or higher version for smooth Installation.


Features of Mobdro

Mobdro comes with full set of features which you won’t easily find in any other Live Streaming application. Some of the most prominent features are listed below …

  • Quality Content – The content available on Mobdro for users are freshly scrapped every minute from all over the Internet. That is, at any given point of time, the content ranging from Movies to TV Shows, Episodes to News and even to live Sports are brought to your Android Device and that too in HD quality.
  • Capture Mode – The premium version of Mobdro has Capture functionality, which allows the user to download the live stream for viewing at their own leisure. This is one of the best feature, as the drawback with live streaming is once the live streaming is gone, you can’t go back and watch the same thing again on same channel. By download/capture option you can save the whole live stream and watch them anytime and anywhere you want
  • Favorite Mode – In case you like the live stream of any Movies, TV Shows, Sports, etc. you have the option to mark them as “Favorite”, which will allow you to quickly find and re-open all your favorites and play them back again with different live stream for those videos.

Watching Streams that are not available in your Country

As Mobdro directly streams all the live streaming available across globe, it might be a possibility that you get an alert saying that “This stream is not available in your country”. Now as streams are demographics centric, there is not direct way to watch those live streaming on Mobdro using the current in-built features.

But hey, don’t worry! We have workaround for that too.

You can use VPN to route your IP through the county on which those streams are available. VPN is nothing but a tunnel which connects you directly to server of those stream you want to watch, bypassing your local ISP’s IP. For this purpose, you can use Nord VPN on your Android device to change the IP which can’t be blocked by your local ISP.

So, go ahead and watch your favorite Movies, Episodes, News or Live Sports on Mobdro, directly from your Android Device.