Mobdro For Windows Phone


Mobdro is an Android Application which allows users to stream videos, movies, episodes, TV shows, and even news and sports live, directly on their device. Now if you are already familiar with live streaming applications like Popcorn Time, MovieTime and more … Mobdro is very different as compared to those.

Mobdro for Windows Phone

Now as Mobdro is only available officially for Android Devices, we have already published step by step guide to on how to get Mobdro on Windows, on your Mac and even for Android devices.

If you are a Windows phone user, there is no official way to get Mobdro on your Windows Phone. However, just like how we can get Mobdro on Windows or Mac machine, you can get the same on your Windows phone.

Getting Mobdro on Windows Phone

For running anything built for Android on cross functioning device, we need to use a medium that bridges the gap between two operating system. In this case, we use emulator, which creates Android environment on your Windows Phone.

Now for Windows or Mac based PC, we use Bluestacks or Nox App Player. However, this emulator won’t be useful in Windows Phone.

There is an official workaround to run Android Application on Windows phone released by Windows itself under project name called “Project Astoria”.

Note: – This emulator or workaround only works for Windows 10 phone.

So, if you are using Windows 10 phone, go ahead and follow the steps to get Mobdro on your Windows Phone.

Steps To Install Emulator and Mobdro on your Windows Phone

For Installing Emulator on your Windows Phone, we need to have few Installation done.

  • Go ahead and download wconnect tool
  • You need to download Android SDK Tool as well. Download it from here
  • If you have already download both the tools by now, go ahead and unzip the files. Go to wConnect Tool files and install IpoverUSBInstaller.msi and vcredist_X86.exe

Once this is done, it is the time when we have to make Windows 10 phone ready for Installation. Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> For Developer and enable 2 things here, i.e. Developer mode and Device recovery.

  • Now go to the folder of wConnect Tools and right click -> Open Command Prompt.
  • Connect your Windows 10 Mobile phone to your system via USB

Note: – It might ask for pairing code to pair your Mobile device to your PC/Laptop

  • Go to ADB extracted files and open command prompt by right clicking in that Window and selecting from available options.
  • Download the Mobdro APK from here  :


  • Copy and paste this APK to ADB extracted folder.
  • Now in command prompt, type in following commands
    • adb devices and press enter (this will show list of all connected devices)
    • APKName.apk (replace APKName with the name of the downloaded file of APK that you placed in ADB extracted folder) and hit enter
  • Voila ! This is it! Now the Mobdro will be installed on your Windows 10 Phone

Now disconnect your phone and tap on Mobdro app to enjoy the live streaming of your favorite videos.

In case you don’t want to tweak your Windows 10 phone in running Android Applications, you can go for Mobdro alternatives which are readily available for Windows phone.

You can go for PopCorn Time, which is yet another live streaming application, having millions of content available to watch live, and that too in HD quality. Popcorn Time is natively available for Windows 10 phone and can be installed directly.

So, go ahead and get Mobdro on your Windows 10 device to enjoy FREE Unlimited live streaming on your Mobile, anywhere you want!