Morph TV vs. Mobdro

Everybody knows about the great and legendary Terrarium TV and how capable it was for online streaming and watching movies and series on the go. But like all the good things must come to an end, Terrarium TV also got shut because of what it was providing to all the users.

To calm the storm, Morph TV comes along in the market to replace Terrarium TV and to give users what they are asking for; free-of-cost and high-quality content with the same impact as Terrarium TV and then entered one of the fastest growing online streaming apps of the market, called Mobdro.

These online streaming giants were bound to come face-to-face and comparison was inevitable as to decide which app is better than the other?

Here, we have paralleled these two applications on the basis of-

Channel List

Talking about channels available in Morph TV is very tough as it has so many channels span in lots of categories like news, sports, music, kids, and many more. This app has bundles and bundles of channels available for users that one cannot simply open Morph TV and get bored.

When talking about channels available, then many similar apps have admitted defeat against Mobdro. The amount of area this app has concealed in terms of channels is quite humongous as you can find more than 20 news channels, 22 or more various sports channels covering sports all over the world. To groove on the tune of music, this app offers you more than 25 music channels.

Server Issues

There will be bugs and errors in the best of the applications. Likewise, Morph TV is prone to such errors and bugs even with one of the most dedicated and hard-working developer’s teams.

Some issues faced by users are-

• Sometimes you may face no data available or no data links available error.
• After updating the app, you may see that your application is not streaming because of your hardware’s incompatibility to stream Morph TV.
• Because of your IPS, the app won’t launch and you have to use a VPN.

There is a similar problem with Mobdro too. Even after developers dedicating hours and hours of their life, there will be some server issues and errors that can get under their noses and trouble users.

Some issues faced while using Mobdro are-

  • App not working or slow loading of content
  • Not downloading content
  • Suddenly the live streaming goes offline


When we compare the community of both the app, then Morph TV wins the race because of its fiercely loyal fan base because it was built as the direct alternative of Terrarium TV. But that doesn’t mean that Mobdro is way behind, No, it is catching up to the fan base and quickly growing leaps and bound.


When talking about stability, both the apps tick the right boxes with aplomb. If you have a fast-internet service, then you won’t be disappointed with these apps.


Overall, with high-quality content with an easy UI, Morph TV is quite wonderful and convenient to use but you can’t simply ignore the ever-improving and making a strong fan base app like Mobdro to fulfill your entertainment hunger!