CyberFlix vs. Mobdro

Due to the recent virus outbreak, it is impossible to get out of your house. To keep us entertained, streaming apps are the best thing you can ask for right now. They provide the latest content as well as old classic contents on your demand. There are many live streaming apps available in the market.

But CyberFlix and Mobdro is a step ahead of every other app in terms of service and features offered. So, it was not a question of “IF”, but it was a question of what to compare between these two apps. It is highly required to compare two of the best apps to know which app is best for users.

Here, the comparison of CyberFlix and Mobdro is done in terms of-

Channel List

There are many channels broadcasted in CyberFlix in various categories like sports, news, music, and education. It has one of the biggest libraries of channels available on the internet today. You may not miss anything on TV by downloading this app.

In terms of channels offered, no one can come close to Mobdro as it has loads of channels in HD quality and they are all well-maintained and well-categorized. There are more than 20 news channels available and it offers you more than 22 sports channels to keep you entertained. If you feel like dancing, then browse the 20 channels available and grove on the tune.

More than 12 movie channels and 20 other channels will keep you entertained the whole day and there is Netflix for you in Mobdro.

Server Issues

No streaming app is free of server issues as it is a very common problem faced by users all over the world.

In CyberFlix, users have complained about the error messages that can’t be sidestepped- “server has died because of too many people at the same time”. This issue is faced by many users due to heavy traffic on the site and maximizes the usage of the app at the same time. Once the traffic is free then it will work normally again.

Sometimes it also shows you a “No data” sign which is normal and it will be solved within seconds and the buffering issue is there because of your internet speed and nothing else.

For Mobdro, you might see a message pop on your screen that “the live stream is offline, please try again later”. It may due to high traffic in the app as it is considered as the best streaming app. So, there are maybe too many users using the app at the same time.

Sometimes you may see no working and no downloads message appear on your screen but it’s nothing concerning as you can solve these problems within seconds.


On the basis of stability, you can’t pick anyone out of two, as CyberFlix and Mobdro, both perform their task admirably well.


Both apps have their drawbacks and advantages over each other and it is up to you to choose any one of them on the basis of your requirements.