BeeTV vs. Mobdro

When maximum people are seen using their Smartphones for one or another reason, online streaming apps have come forward with a completely new solution to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows not only on your Android devices but on PC and Mac as well.

Here, when we have so many online streaming apps out there to meet our varied streaming apps without spending any money, we may get confused on what would be chosen as well as which app will work perfectly on our device.

Mobdro and BeeTV are two wonderful video streaming apps that are being used by many people around the world to take the maximum benefits of their available features and functions. Here, we will compare these two apps that will help you know about them better as well as you can find out the right app that fits your streaming needs.

Channels Available

When it comes to the channels list on Mobdro, you can find a huge number of categories to choose from to watch your favorite content. These include movies, sports, TV shows, news, spiritual, music, and various others. For live streaming, you just require selecting a channel and get your desired content.

BeeTV enables you to enjoy watching more than 100 local and global channels, no matter where you are. The developers of this app are really working excellent to deliver the best possible user experience to its users. Whether you love watching sports, news, movies, TV shows or anything, the app allows you to stream all these channels.

Server issues

Many users who have installed Mobdro criticized this app due to various different kinds of server issues, such as an app not working, not or slow loading, not downloading, live streaming offline and others. Though these issues are annoying, many users still prefer using Mobdro for their basic streaming needs.

Many times, users of BeeTV have complained about the unavailability of the data when they launch its APK. This error may occur due to the server down for maintenance. If still, users are unable to see any data, they are recommended to reinstall the app, which can be a frustrating situation for many of them.


If we compare Mobdro and BeeTV in terms of users’ community, it has been found that Mobdro wins this race by having more users of the app as compared to BeeTV. It may be because many people are unaware of this app or many may not be familiar with all its features.


When we talk about the stability of both these apps, they are quite stable and reliable to use. If you have a fast internet connection, both apps – Mobdro and BeeTV, are highly powerful to provide you quality content for free.

Final Words

Overall, we can say that Mobdro with a simple and easy to use interface is a wonderful app for people looking to watch their favorite videos on their devices. But, you can’t ignore BeeTV completely as this app too can also be used based on your streaming needs.