Showbox vs. Mobdro

If you have heard of online streaming apps, then there are chances that you are a big entertainment buff. For those who are new to this idea, these apps are a wonderful way to stream movies, TV shows and other content on your Android devices, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

If you are getting difficulty in choosing the best app to meet your streaming needs, this comparison between two of the best and effective streaming apps, Showbox and Mobdro, will help you a lot in this regard.

Though both these apps have their importance in terms of performance, video quality and speed on different devices, there are several things that you must be familiar with, when looking for the best free streaming app to watch or download your favorite content on any device you want.

Let’s know these apps in a little better way.

Channels List

Mobdro offers a number of sources online to ensure that its users can access all their favorite channels. It has more than 1000 channels from across the world in 10+ different languages and also provides you a facility to add more channels as per your choice. Moreover, this app allows you to stream and watch HD contents as well, such as movies, tech videos, sports channels and all, absolutely free.

Now, if we talk about Showbox, users may not get channels as in Mobdro, but it ensures an enhanced user experience which makes Showbox worth trying. Though Showbox has fewer channels as compared to Mobdro, you can easily find your favorite channels as it contains all the popular channels.

Server Issues

As Mobdro searches the internet to provide the best live streaming on your device, many times you may get issues like can’t stream error, not working, slow downloading, live streaming offline and others. These issues may frustrate you when you want to stream your favorite movie/TV show, but this app is still one of the best streaming apps for the people to meet their streaming needs.

Showbox also comes in the same category in terms of the server issues, but with more server issues than Mobdro. You may face issues such as video not available, not loading, server not available, unable to scan and various other errors and bugs. It means whether you use Mobdro or Showbox, there are chances that you may face certain server issues, but they would be less while streaming using Mobdro.


In terms of stability, Mobdro gains the top position among other streaming apps, including Showbox. Even if you have a slow internet connection or your Smartphone is running out of memory, you will not face any complication and can easily use the Mobdro app to stream online videos.

Final Words

Both apps have their own benefits and drawbacks, which you can clearly see in the above comparison. So, go through it patiently and choose the one to gain the best possible streaming experience.

If you want a streaming app offering maximum channels, Mobdro wins the race. If you are looking for an app offering your all favorite channels, regardless of its number of offered channels, and the one with a simple interface to use, you can go for Showbox.