Mobdro for iPhone


Many people love Mobdro and want to take it to their iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Now Mobdro is an Android Application, which specifically has been made for Android device running very specific Android 4.1 or higher versions.

Mobdro for iphone, is it possible ?

Though Mobdro can be taken to other system as well, and we have published a detailed guide on how to get Mobdro for Windows, Mobdro for Mac, Mobdro for Blackberry , Mobdro for Windows 10 Phone, and even to Smart TV.

Mobdro for iOS ?

Mobdro being an online live streaming application, bringing movies to episodes, from sports to news and much more directly on demand. It makes it hugely popular for live streaming needs on the go. However, Mobdro is not officially available for iOS devices, that is not even for iPhone or iPad.

We also list the best workaround to get the work done. However, in this case, we even won’t recommend you to Jailbreak your iPhone, as it can bring instability to your device. What you can do best is to get likewise alternative of Mobdro for your iPhone.

iOS best alternatives

Now we don’t want you to hop on tons of applications for same need. The applications we have listed below is very close to Mobdro in terms of Live Stream availability, quality and content.

  1. PopCorn Time – Popcorn Time is very much similar to Mobdro, giving HD quality live streams and is available for all cross functioning devices
  2. MovieBox – MovieBox, also known as ShowBox is known for the collection available and that too in HD. If you love watching movies of different genre, MovieBox is for you
  3. Air Playit – Designed for iOS device only, Air PlayIt has over 320 formats to choose form, along with exclusive live streaming of Music.

So, if you want to have very similar experience of Mobdro, choose any of the alternatives listed above and start watching everything on live stream.