Cinema APK vs. Mobdro

It is the age of online streaming, you will find many apps that revolutionized this industry. People love to watch movies and series, sleeping on the bed and holding phones in their palm without going out.

To fulfill all the requirements and daily dose of entertainment of the users, developers developed an app that will give you all your entertainment at one place without having to find it all over the internet and this kick-started the streaming app revolution.

Cinema APK and Mobdro are the two of the best streaming apps available on the internet right now without any doubt. With the success they have in this industry, the comparison is bound to happen between two of the best players in the industry.

In this post, a comparison is done in terms of-

Channel List

The channels available in Cinema APK are quite high as compared to other streaming apps and also it has one of the largest inventories of channels for users. You can even enjoy all these channels in high quality without any buffering issue, if you have a good internet connection.

Mobdro is on the zenith when talking about channels offered to users. It provides so many channels spanning over different categories.

If you want information about the world, then you have access to more than 20 various news channels. If you are a huge fan of sports, then enjoy various sports from 20+ channels offered to you by this app. Want to find inner peace and groove on the music? Need not worry as this app has covered you with more than 20 music channels available at your disposal.

Server Issues

Like every other streaming app, Cinema APK is also prone to some server issues like-

  • Non-availability of video or connection error
  • Suddenly crashing thus stopping the app
  • No data or data link available
  • Not streaming error due to incompatibility with your device’s configurations

Similarly, you can say the same thing about Mobdro, but nothing is perfect and these types of issues make the developers give us a better and updated version of this streaming app.

Some issues faced by Mobdro users are-

  • The live stream is currently offline
  • Not working or No Downloads issue
  • Mobdro video playback issue

These are some of the server issues faced by the users while using these apps and they are sometimes annoying but you can ignore it as they are small and negligible.


Both the apps, Cinema APK and Mobdro perform admirably well and more than expected. When you have a stable and fast internet connection, then you will know that these apps are very stable and pleasing to enjoy and stream your content online.


Both Cinema APK and Mobdro offer more than a pleasing experience while streaming content online and you won’t be disappointed by using either of two. Nevertheless, both apps have their drawbacks and advantages, Mobdro quite wins the race by offering more channels and fewer server issues.