Guide to Add channels on Mobdro

We enjoy watching the media content as a means to entertain us and to stimulate our minds. Sometimes we also do this to learn new things or to relieve ourselves from a hectic schedule for a while. When we stay updated to an extent by watching various things on media, at times it could get frustrating or tedious to watch similar unoriginal content everywhere again and again.

For these reasons, we are always seeking fresh content to watch from various sources that are available at our fingertips. While watching TV Shows and Movies is considered as a hobby in some circles, to others, these are merely means to an end for escaping their realities.

Thus to meet such needs but also in an innovative manner, the brilliantly designed Mobdro is quite the app in itself. It allows you to stream movies, TV Shows, online videos and plenty more including thousands of channels from multiple countries. These channels and the rest of the huge library can be accessed from diverse categories that are pre-defined to contain relevant content.

Channels on Mobdro

Watch news, sports or latest songs on the pre-loaded popular channels included in the Mobdro app which also lets you stream based on your selected country. If you’re unsatisfied with the package, then you could still add more channels to it for enjoying your favorite regional show or that globally acclaimed movie.

Today you’ll learn how to add channels on Mobdro with our simple guide.

Guide to add Channels on Mobdro

All the channels are subjected to availability depending on your geographical location. There are also few other factors at play such as regional, linguistic and political matters that decide which channels could or cannot air.

Despite these reasons, there’s still a functional workaround to offer you more channels by incorporating a simple method.

You’ll need to get a VPN application on the same device as Mobdro to tunnel your internet connection to the desired location. It will basically mask your IP and mark it on another location under a different server thereby achieving the objective of switching countries to watch more channels.

Mobdro using vpn

Using a VPN is a safe practice that prevents the sharing of locally stored data as well as changing the tracking location along with other details.


There’s no exact science to add channels by URL or through any other way, however, if you follow this article then you’ll learn that you could access relatively more channels depending upon the location you may pick.