Mobdro – List of Channels

If you are using live streaming apps for your on demand content needs, we are pretty sure that Mobdro must be there on your Android devices. Mobdro has thousands of channels available based on genre, that streams video, movies, TV Shows, News and even Live Sports from across the globe.

Mobdro list of channels


All the channels are available to use for both the type of users, that is for Freemium and Premium both modes. The only major difference of premium Mobdro is no ads while watching live stream and additionally you gets Capture option which allows you to download the live stream to watch later.

Now Mobdro keeps on crawling the web for all live streams happening, and segregate them based on categories and genres. Now there is no comprehensive list of available channels, as it keeps on increasing and decreasing based on availability. However, here is the list of popular channels based on category ranging from Movies to Sports, from TV shows to News and what not …

Channels for Sports

Mobdro streams almost all known sports channels. Some of them are …

  • Sky Sports (All)
  • ESPN
  • BT Sports
  • EURO Sport2

Channels for News

Again Mobdro streams almost all known News channels like …

  • Sky News
  • BBC News
  • CNN
  • SKY Sport News
  • IBN

Other Channels

  • Fox
  • Comedy Central
  • GOLD
  • H History
  • Discovery Channel
  • Global TV
  • H2
  • CBS
  • Cartoon Network
  • HBO (All)
  • National Geographic
  • TLC

Now these are few of the channels those are popular in the respective category. There are thousands and thousands of channels available for almost all genres.

Choosing Right Channels

If you want to watch anything not so specific and want to explore, it is best to hop on the categories already available on Mobdro. That is, instead of selecting Channels, go to genre wise category.

So, if you want to watch Shows, select SHOWS from the main window of Mobdro. If you want to watch sports, go to SPORTS from the main screen, and likewise for Music, News, Gaming, Tech and even the Podcasts.

Let us know which are your favorite channels !