Download Live NetTV for PC (Windows) and Mac for Free

You know you got some favorite shows that you follow with the movies you’d like to see and with the latest releases, it could get tough to follow and watch them in real time. The real hassle during such times is the procedure of seeking links across the internet if you happen to live in another country where those TV shows probably are not telecasted.


The strenuous task of seeking out links to enjoy all the visual content along with various channels could come at a cost despite being tedious and it isn’t with complete freedom either.

Suppose, you’re a multilingual person who enjoys watching Spanish game shows and American Drama series but if you happen to live in the United Kingdom, watching both of these could be difficult.

Streaming apps do exist to remedy such situations but they do not necessarily hold a large collection that could possibly include a few of your favorites if not all. While other streaming apps and platforms too might promise you free content but again, you’ll have to make a compromise one way or the other.

What if we get you an incredible live streaming app that’ll not only serve your streaming needs the same as the paid platforms do but also let you watch live TV channels in several languages?

Unbelievable you might say but it’s true. Live NetTV is one such app that has multitudinous impressive features that’ll make your streaming experience pure bliss.

No more do you require to incorporate other streaming methods that prevent you from having all the channels at your fingertips. The free Live NetTV gives you access to hundreds of channels and movies and TV shows that you can watch with your friends and family.

This guide will help you learn about all the impressive features of Live NetTV that’ll make you get it for all your smart devices and home systems. Use this guide to learn more about how to install this app along with safety measures and some useful alternatives.

Features of Live NetTV – How it is different from others?

You’ll now learn the various reasons why the Live NetTV app is favored and downloaded globally by people as it basically lets them enjoy an unlimited collection of movies, TV shows, anime, etc.

Here’s why RedBox TV differs from other similar streaming services.

  • You can view the global library containing a huge collection of TV shows, Movies, News Channels, Live Sports Channels, and hundreds of other Television channels across the globe. You can pick any channel you want at any time or watch any number of movies or TV shows for free.
  • Live NetTV works on multiple different platforms such as Android, Firestick TV, macOS, and Windows.
  • Watch HD Movies and TV Shows including HD TV Channels without buffering by using the Live NetTV App that utilizes the fastest servers to provide you everything seamlessly.
  • You also could choose to use external video players that may provide you extra AV enhancements to support your viewing experience all the better.
  • Using the intuitive interface you can easily search for any title or TV channel(s) or even browse the collection based on genre, year of release and so on.
  • Live NetTV has a lighter footprint and thus it’ll not bog down your system nor shall it consume too much storage despite whichever device you may use.
  • This should be certain by now but yes, you can really watch all the Channels, TV shows, movies, and all the global content for absolutely free without any registration or fees.

Live NetTV isn’t yet officially released as a software for both Mac & Windows devices, thereby preventing the possibility of directly installing it on your respective systems.

Since it is only available as an application for Android devices, you can still manage to make it work on Windows and macOS systems.

You’ll be needing an Android Emulator that bridges the gap of coding between an application and a GUI based system.

Read further to learn about how to install Live NetTV on your system.

How to get Live NetTV on PC and Mac?

Making use of an Android Emulator is one of the easiest possible ways to get this app on your PC and laptop. An Android Emulator virtually simulates an Android environment on your system that matches the experience felt on most handheld devices.

There are two trusted emulators that you can choose to smoothly run the incredible Live NetTV app.

Get Live NetTV on your PC/Mac using BlueStacks


BlueStacks is an easy to use and a popular emulator that can run several android apps. Although being a household name among the gaming community, BlueStacks provides equally great visual performance while using it to run online live streaming apps.

  • First, you’ll need to Download BlueStacks on PC/Mac by using the given download button.
  • Locate the downloaded file and double-click on it followed by clicking at ‘Run’ to begin the installation process on your system.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions & prompts to properly install the BlueStacks Emulator.
  • Run the Emulator by double-clicking on its shortcut icon that can be found at the desktop.
  • Use the given link to Download RedBox TV APK.
  • Locate and double-click on the freshly downloaded APK file to begin its installation on the Emulator.
  • Provide the required permissions within the Emulator to continue the installation process.
  • Navigate to the home screen of the Emulator once the installation is complete and tap on the app icon of Live NetTV.
  • You can now enjoy all the latest content including your favorites on your PC/Mac systems.

Get Live NetTV on your PC/Mac using Nox App Player

The evermore popular and useful Nox App Player is another choice for users who also want to run multiple apps at once without sacrificing the overall performance. The following steps will help you get both the Nox App Player and LiveNetTV on your PC/Mac.

  • Download Nox App Player on your PC/Mac using the given link.
  • Run the downloaded file to initiate the installation and select ‘Run’ when prompted by the pop-up dialogue box.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts until the installation is successfully complete.
  • Download Live NetTV APK using the provided link.
  • Run the Nox App Player using the desktop icon and click the ‘Add an APK’ option found at the top right corner of the application screen.
  • Locate and select the Live NetTV APK file and select the ‘I Know’ option when prompted.
  • Soon your app will be installed within the Emulator with a shortcut of the app icon on your home screen.
  • Tap on it to start using the Live NetTV application on your system.

Download Live NetTV on FireStick

If you prefer to watch live channels on your TV screen, then you can make it happen by using the Live NetTV App on your Firestick TV. Following these simple installation steps will help you run the Live NetTV APK smoothly on your Firestick TV devices.

Before we proceed anything further, performing these important changes will ascertain the smoothest functioning of the Live NetTV app on Firestick.

  • Turn on the Firestick device and navigate to Settings.
  • Proceed to select the ‘My Fire TV’ option to access ‘Developer Options’.
  • Locate and click at ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ as enabling it will provide you the clearance to install third-party apps.

Now without further ado, let’s install the Live NetTV app on Firestick.

  • Access the Google Play Store to install ES File Manager and install it.
  • Upon installation of the ES File Manager, download and install the Live NetTV APK using the following link that’ll also open in the downloader.
  • Once the installation is done, go to the home screen to tap at the icon of Live NetTV to run the app.
  • Enjoy watching various channels and other latest content for free.

Is it illegal to use Live NetTV?

Live NetTV is an extraordinarily versatile app offering you the ability to watch hundreds of multilingual channels from across the world. You can watch all your favorite channels including the internationally telecast channels at different locations on the Earth.

As the issue of streaming these channels in different regions of the world happens to be somewhat sensitive, it is demanded that one must pay some fee to access them which disables the non-constructive use of it to some extent. Failing to do so makes it illegal in some countries to allow accessing this app. But you can avoid being tracked for such a violation by simply using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will both mask your internet activity and provide you some relief to access unlimited content for free.

Alternatives to Live NetTV

If you’re someone who wants to learn about other ways to stream live content similarly as with the Live NetTV, here are the few alternatives you can try:

  • Mobdro
  • Thop TV
  • Morph TV
  • RedBox TV
  • Titanium TV
  • Cinema APK
  • And many more…
  • Final Words

    Live NetTV is a fantastic application that can be used to watch both local and international TV channels for free on your smart devices and PC/Mac. Watch Live Sports, Movies and other interesting content for absolutely free on your PC & Mac systems without paying any subscription charges.

    If you’ll carefully follow our guide then it’ll be easier for you to access the Live NetTV for watching all the latest content on a large screen.