Terrarium TV vs. Mobdro

Do you never want to miss any chance of watching the movies/show of your famous celebrity? Are you using a paid subscription as everyone in your family has different favorite shows and sports interests? You can go for online streaming apps to meet these needs as well as there is no need to pay any money to any service provider.

Here, we are going to discuss something about Terrarium TV and Mobdro that will help you to understand the difference between these apps, as well as help you to conclude the best among both.

As the Terrarium TV app has now been shut down, which was once one of the best movies and TV shows apps, comparing it with Mobdro will let you know what we are missing or what we have gained with Mobdro as an alternative to Terrarium TV.

Let’s check how these apps can be helpful for you in terms of channels, server issues, people usage and stability.

Channels List

Unlike other streaming apps, Mobdro is well-known for providing 1000+ channels, including local and global, and enables you to watch content in more than 10 languages. The channels are divided into categories, making it easier for users to browse and find their desired content. Also, Mobdro is an app that offers high-definition videos with zero buffering, whether it is movies, music, TV shows, cartoons, sports, news, etc.

Terrarium TV does not stream live TV on devices, but Mobdro is an app that enables you to watch live TV. Terrarium TV only contains links of the contents to other sites. The app does not contain any video, movies or media files. Not a single stream link of the content is stored in the app. We can say that this may be the main reason behind its discontinuation.

Server Issues

While installing or using Mobdro, you face various different issues, where one common error reported by many users is ‘Parse error’. It occurs as a result of the compatibility problem of the device or the Mobdro APK file you have selected for installation. Other issues include not working, slow downloading, streaming gone offline, no content found and many others.

Most users of the Terrarium TV app have complained of buffering issues, whereas on the other side, Mobdro allows you to stream content without any buffering. It is one of the best things that attracts people to use Mobdro than other streaming apps.


Though one of the best and free streaming apps, Terrarium TV is now discounted to meet your entertainment needs. You can go with Mobdro on your different devices to watch online HD videos even if your internet connection is slow.


Many people using Terrarium TV are worried about their privacy and security, so due to this as well as the discontinuation of the app, people who are still using Terrarium TV are getting warnings for not using this app. Whereas, the number of users of Mobdro is increasing day by day.

Final Words

When we talk about streaming apps, one seems better than others due to one or another reason. But here, we think Mobdro is a far better app than Terrarium TV, or we can also say that Mobdro can be your best alternative to Terrarium TV in terms of streaming content and stability.